Why do you need to Hire a Lawyer?

Being charged with a criminal offence can be devastating.  Many people believe that they do not need to hire a lawyer because they are innocent or that hiring a lawyer is an unnecessary expense.  This is usually a mistake.  A big mistake.

The criminal justice system is not always sympathetic or understanding.  The consequences of being found guilty are profound and life-changing.  Hiring a lawyer is the first step in properly assessing the jeopardy you are facing.  The severity and complexity of your Situation/charge require a defense lawyer’s expertise and emotional detachment.

Hiring a qualified and experienced Toronto-based defence lawyer to argue your case on your behalf is the best way to increase your chances of getting a good and positive result.  A lawyer will prove invaluable in arguing for bail terms and to help ensure that you don’t spend any unnecessary time behind bars while awaiting your trial date.

Brian M. Micner is a Toronto-based Assault Lawyer for Criminal Defence with years of experience defending persons against serious domestic & sexual assault charges.

You Retain Me, Not An Associate Or Partner

Criminal law requires communication between lawyer and client. I look after you personally. I am approachable and most importantly reachable when you need me the most, which often means in the late hours or weekends. I will be present in Court on every significant date in your case, not an associate or partner. You have retained me whether your case is in Toronto or elsewhere, not another lawyer in my association.

I also accept Legal Aid Certificates.

I also work with a team of translators and Legal Experts as the Case Demands and those costs can be built into the total legal fees on the matter.

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