I understand that your driver’s licence is important. Often the ability to drive is the difference between earning a healthy living and unemployment. Having a conviction for a drug or alcohol-related driving offence can be devastating. People make mistakes, and it is our job as criminal lawyers to ensure that everything to save your licence and prevent you from obtaining a criminal record is done.

What is Impaired driving?

In order to establish an impaired driving charge, the crown attorney must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle was impaired due to the consumption of drugs or alcohol. The court will examine the driver’s coordination, comprehension, and poor driving pattern in assessing their level of impairment.

Evidence of impairment may be proven by a combination of driving observations and physical observations of the driver. Evidence of poor or erratic driving, weaving, the crossing of the centre line, or evidence of a motor vehicle collision may all be used to support an inference of impaired driving. Personal observations tending to reveal signs of impairment may also be relied upon, including an odour of alcoholic beverage emanating from the driver’s breath, bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, unsteadiness, slurred speech, and a lack of comprehension or response to police demands.

I will always do everything possible to resolve a drinking and driving offence without a trial and without a guilty plea to a criminal code offence. He has solved several impaired or alcohol-related driving offences for pleas to Highway Traffic Offences such as careless driving and has an excellent track record of success in winning impaired and over 80 trials.

Memories fade and evidence can go missing. Witnesses that remember what you drank the next morning will not remember three weeks later. It is imperative that you retain a criminal lawyer as soon as possible if you are charged with an alcohol-related criminal driving offence.

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