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Defender’s mission is to make boating more accessible with our online store’s vast catalog, fast shipping and expert service. Our knowledgeable, in-house staff is happy to answer your questions and help guide your purchase. That's how we continue to earn the trust of mariners worldwide, as we have since 1938.

In addition to a vast selection of inflatable boats and outboard motors, we also offer a wide variety of boating accessories and gear to outfit your boat just the way you want it. From bilge pumps and life jackets to dock lines and electronics, we have everything you need to make the most out of your time on the water.

Global Distributor of Inflatable Boats

We carry a wide variety of inflatable boats, including our own line, and we are the largest single-location dealer of inflatable boats in North America. We are the largest distributor of Zodiac inflatable boats worldwide. We have thousands of outboard motors and inflatable boats in stock.

We are an authorized dealer for products from the most trusted brands in the marine industry. Our in-house experts have decades of boating experience and can answer any question you have about our marine supplies.

Boaters Helping Boaters

Our primary goal since 1938 has always been to make boating more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of experience or budget. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty and relaxation of being on the water — and we’re committed to making that vision a reality.

The dream began in 1938 when our founder, Sheldon Lance set out to make boating gear available to more people. He started buying surplus products from the government and manufacturers so he could sell boating supplies at affordable prices, subsequently earning us the respect of quality marine manufacturers worldwide.

Stephan Lance continued carrying on the family legacy, allowing people nationwide to have more access to first-rate boating equipment. With his leadership, Defender has grown to become the largest independent marine supply firm in the U.S.

Today, Defender stocks thousands of quality marine products as well as the largest selection of inflatable boats and outboard motors in North America.


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