Maintenance supplies to revive and protect your boat

Boat Maintenance Products

Boat maintenance supplies include a wide variety of products. From boat repair to everyday cleaning, find the supplies you need for any boat maintenance project no matter how big. Verify the extent of the job and make a list of all supplies needed, then place an order and get busy!

Essential Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies for Boats

Boat maintenance supplies range from simple but necessary, like antifreeze to cleaners that are mindful of the environment. Clean-up gets a whole lot easier when boat cleaning products target the area where they will be used. Black streak, cloudy wax, and windshields all need a different compound for effective clean-up. Protect your good work with wax and sealers. Apply boat restoration supplies with just the right brush - mops and buckets are also available at Defender Marine.

• Cleaners for boat paint, brightwork, canvas and everything in between
• Waxes, sealants, and polish
• Bilge cleaners
• Lubricants and Protectants
• Hoses and accessories
• Buckets, mops, scrub brushes and chamois

Boat Repair and Sealing Essentials

The key to enjoying a typical boat repair project (yes, this is possible) is starting with a complete list of supplies. Follow your project past the obvious repair that you see and make sure that if you open the can of worms, you can get it shut! Seeing your boat repair project from start to finish will ensure that it can be completed without wasting time waiting to buy more boat maintenance supplies. Supplies for boat repair include:

• Bedding compounds and thread dressing
• Caulk, adhesives, and removers
• Replace edge trim
• Repair fiberglass with epoxy kits

Boat Painting and Assembly Supplies

Paint it, replace it or fix it - some boat maintenance projects become just that. A long weekend may be enough to repair it and paint it, but smaller projects might take even less time. Replacing fittings and fasteners demands a complete list of needed supplies before you start!

• Paint safety gear - respirators and paint suits
• Paint brushes, rollers, tape, and masking
• Teak and starboard
• Fasteners and hardware