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Marine Electrical Repairs and Upgrades at Defender

Marine Electrical Repairs and Upgrades at Defender

Are you familiar with the electrical system on your boat? If you aren't, you might want to familiarize yourself with it. There are times when that knowledge could come in handy. For instance, the Coast Guard doesn't care whether or not you know how to change a blown fuse. They will just give you a citation because your navigation lights aren't working!

Other simple repairs you should know how to do are: replacing cables, replacing worn battery terminals, fixing electrical terminals, and splicing wires. You should also know the type and size of electrical wiring on your boat.

What makes marine wire special?

The wiring on a boat needs to be reliable and corrosion-resistant. Marine wire is designed to withstand the harshest marine environment. It should safely resist the corrosive effects of saltwater for many years.

In order to ensure the safety of your boat and everyone aboard, it is vital that the correct gauge of marine grade wire is used, along with high-quality marine electrical connectors and components. All electrical work should be done by professionals or very experienced DIYers. According to BoatUS, 35% of all boat fires are caused by the DC electrical system. Together with the AC system, electrical fires account for over half of all boat fires.

The marine wire you choose needs to be large enough to carry the intended load. It should also be the right type for the installation. For instance, only wire that is oil resistant and heat resistant to 75° C (167° F) should be installed in the engine room. Consult a professional for wire recommendations and then check out our marine wire selection.

You should keep extra wire on hand and know how to splice it if needed. You will also want to have some spare electrical parts and the proper tools on hand so that you're prepared for any unexpected problems.

Marine electrical supplies at Defender:

At Defender, our inventory of marine electrical supplies is comprehensive and designed to meet the needs of boat owners and professionals alike. We offer 12-volt receptacles and accessories, alternators, boat batteries and battery chargers, circuit breakers and electrical panels, DC converters, electrical testers and tools, fuses and holders, indicator lights, marine wire, connectors and components, shore power components, solar panels and accessories, and wind generators and accessories. Each product is selected to ensure reliability and safety on the water.

Why get your marine electrical supplies at Defender?

We have a large selection of marine electrical supplies in stock, including the parts and tools you will need to perform simple electrical repairs and upgrades. Contact us to experience our eight decades of boating expertise and our commitment to customer service for yourself.

We highly recommend that you only work with electrical components where you feel confident in your knowledge and skills. For anything else, please contact an experienced marine electrician. You don't want to find out you have made a mistake when far from shore!