About Cookware

Marine Pots, Pans & Nesting Cookware

Cooking might not be one of the things you think about when you are daydreaming about a day on the water.
For many, the close quarters of a galley and the tiny stovetops and ovens you have to use might just make you think twice about doing any cooking at all.
But it doesn't have to be that way if you have the right equipment.

Why is Marine Nesting Cookware different than regular?

Onboard a boat, space is always a commodity.
It doesn't seem like there is ever enough of it, from space to move around below decks to what you do with items that occupy space at home.
This is why marine nesting pots and pans stack together to conserve space when not in use!
Marine nesting cookware sets are also available in marine grade stainless steel so it won't corrode.

Marine cookware is also made smaller to fit smaller stove tops.

With a little bit of practice, you can be as much of a gourmand on the water as you are at home.
Smaller cookware also means smaller items to clean up when you are done cooking, and they stack and hide away when all the work is done.
Made to not only fit electric or gas stove tops but some marine cookware sets are made for induction cooktops as well, which provide for excellent heat control, especially on the surface of the cooktop, which is very useful in close quarters of a boat galley when preventing burns or fires.

Induction is also more energy efficient, which is a benefit to use on a closed system where you aren't pulling electricity from a municipal power grid.

Why do I need Marine Pots and Pans, or Nesting Cookware on my boat?

To make your life easier on the water, Defender provides the best equipment that is built for boats, with marine living always at the forefront of form and function.
  • Conserves space in your galley
  • Withstands marine conditions
  • Induction cooktops on some boats require special Marine cookware (as aluminum will not work with induction).

  • Defender carries a variety of nesting cookware sets for your marine needs.

    Whether you're looking for a whole nesting cookware set or just singular pots and pans, we have what you're looking for.

    Why Defender?

    Let Defender be your one stop shop to help with marine cookware such as nesting cookware sets.
    With over 80 years of boating and maritime experience, Defender knows the best equipment for your next voyage.
    Whether it is a day at the lake or a thousand mile trip along the coast, contact Defender to see what we have that will make your trip the best one yet!