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Boat Safety Equipment

From life jackets and sea anchors to life rafts and safety ditch bags, Defender offers a full line of marine safety equipment devices and gear. Equipment on board as well as safety netting, respirators, and safety suits round out the available items.

What's an EPIRB anyway?

Emergency position indicating radio beacons are a special piece of boat safety equipment that bounces a signal off satellites to the nearest rescue center. EPIRBS also relay a homing signal and are typically registered to a specific vessel upon purchase. EPIRBS are activated manually or automatically when submerged or tilted past a prescribed angle. Originally used by the military and in commercial applications, EPIRB technology has advanced enough to allow this important piece of marine safety equipment to be available in a small version specifically used on personal floatation devices.

Take safety to the next level

Survival suits, AIS transponders, and life rafts are next-level marine safety equipment. They are also items that can break the bank. Consider your application carefully - where do you take your boat? Offshore the northeast coast in the winter warrants a different set of marine safety devices than lake fishing only in the summer months. Defender offers just about any type of boat safety gear, from plugs for small leaks to dehydrated meal bars. Choose wisely and have some fun outfitting your boat with all the gear we hope you will never need.

What every boat should have aboard

Consider how you and your crew use your boat, plan for the worst-case scenario and purchase boat safety equipment accordingly. Every boat should have life jackets aboard and a radio is a must, but if you never leave the inlet or the sight of land an EPIRB certainly isn't necessary. Flares, a life ring, or a tow line are always good ideas, and just like in a home, a complete first aid kit, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers are a must.