Cabin & Galley

Upgrade your cabin and galley to make yourself at home on the water.

Using cabin accessories and supplies to make your boat feel like home

From the appliances in the galley to the hammock on the deck, Defender has quality boat cabin accessories & supplies that can turn even the most utilitarian boat into a cozy home away from home. Your boat's cabin will feel comfortable and welcoming with the right interior details and décor. We have cabin and galley appliances and accessories that will give your boat a relaxing feel and homey ambiance. Check out our décor selections that let you display your favorite waterways in easy peel-and-stick vinyl or three-dimensional birch bark.

How furniture and décor can enhance your boating experience

At Defender, we carry a variety of products for your boat cabin. These range from new flooring choices to Froli sleep systems for more comfortable mattresses and cushions. A Lee Cloth bunk safety guard can keep sleepers safe in stormy weather. Or maybe you'd prefer sleeping in a cozy hammock to avoid seasickness? We offer a choice of both to suit your needs. Keep a watch on the time and weather with our choice selection of quality instruments. We also carry a range of cabin organizers to help keep things tidy inside your boat. If you need a way to keep track of valuables, check out our marine safes.

Why are appliances necessary on a boat?

Appliances provide a level of comfort and convenience that make spending time on your boat more enjoyable. Kitchen appliances allow you to fix hot meals and serve cold beverages. Cabin heaters keep the interior of your boat cozy when it's chilly outside while A/C can make cruising in hot, humid climates a lot more pleasant.

Welcome home to Defender

Whatever appliances, furniture, accessories, or decor you desire for your boat cabin, check with Defender first. Our selection of superior quality boat cabin supplies will bring your marine interior to life. Our marine experts will be happy to help you select the interior accessories and supplies that will make your boat cabin a warm and cozy. Contact Defender today to make your boat an inviting home away from home!