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Go further with advance boating electronics and navigation equipment.

Marine Electronics

Marine electronics cover everything from Wi-Fi connections to emergency EPIRBs. Modern boats of all sizes offer most of the comforts of home including stereo, TV, security, and cellular systems. Add in the mix the latest technology to increase your crew?s odds while fishing or finding the best wind and navigating your way back home. Defender Marine can cover all your boat electronics wants and needs.

Get there and back

Electronic charts from Defender Marine are road maps to get you where you are going and home again, but marine electronics systems help you do it in style. Take the autopilot, for instance, marine autopilots take all the work out of holding the wheel because there is nothing worse than steering home. Compass systems, navigation software, and radar all assist in plotting your journey while anemometers, mast sensors, and marine radios ensure that captain and crew are aware of the surroundings along the way.

My transducer does what?

Thru-hull and transom mount transducers are our eyes below the surface. Fishfinders and scanning sonar are paramount to the success of fishermen around the world. Transducers also measure sea temperature, water depth, and boat speed ? information that assists in navigation, plotting a course, and, yes, fishing. Today, transducers can offer a 360-degree scan of the water around a boat or a simple scan to the side as opposed to the original technology which could see straight below the hull. The technology of marine electronics and transducers continues to advance at great speed!

Marine electronics can do it all!

Boat electronic systems offer sailors and powerboaters a view under their boat and the opportunity to charter a course just about anywhere in the world and the safety features to get there and back. Wind direction and speed, boat direction and speed, radios, antennas, multifunctional systems, sea temperatures, radar domes, intercoms, and security systems are all monitored by today's marine electronics. The specialists at Defender Marine can assist in choosing the best systems for your applications.