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Sailboat Hardware

Defender Marine offers a complete line of sailboat hardware and can fill any need from the seasoned sailor to the weekend cruiser. If you are updating your boat or taking on a whole project through removal and replacement, Defender Marine has you covered. All orders arrive in a timely manner and Defender Marine offers a full line of sailboat hardware with choices to meet any budget. If you are unsure of what to purchase, Defender Marine offers complete descriptions of all of our sailboat hardware so you can note the differences before you purchase and order exactly what you need!

Determining what type of project you are about to take on is the best way to start your journey and save time on ordering exactly what you need. Has your lifestyle changed and your beloved racing sailboat needs childproofing or are you simply upgrading some current systems? Are you spending vacation time in the boat yard or is Saturday afternoon all you have to invest in a new project? Defender Marine is your one stop shop for any and all sailboat hardware projects!

The size and primary use of your boat are key to any hardware purchase but there are other considerations as well. Weight of new hardware and functionality are important and, of course, there's the budget to keep an eye on. Defender Marine offers sailboat hardware in a variety of materials which translates to weight and cost.

Are you a DIYer or will you be using some professional help with your project? Determining who will do most of the work might depend on the compatibility of new sailboat hardware to what you currently have - should you rework the system in place or remove and replace it all together?

Where Do I Start?

The key to any successful project on a sailboat is first determining the use of the boat and the size of its parts. Keep in mind that the sum of a sailboat's hardware is gathered over time - a shackle here, a rope or dockline there - boats get parts when they are readily available or when they are needed and from time to time those parts are not in keeping with the actual size or use of your rig.

If the parts you are seeking are simply an upgrade or replacement confirm that the part in question is the correct size for your sailboat in the first place. Defender Marine offers just about any style or size of sailboat fitting you may need, so get it right before you buy!

Back to that lifestyle change - so your sailboat is set up for racing, she is sleek, lightweight and built for speed, but you just started a family and you need new lifelines, non-skid decking and ways to secure that baby seat - Defender Marine has it all! Even something as simple as moving from the Chesapeake to the Gulf can change the way you use your sailboat and thus change much of your sailboat hardware. Speaking of family - the innovations in safety equipment should never be disregarded and they are happening every day. Defender Marine offers the most advanced safety equipment and gear on the market.

Maybe it is just time to give your sailboat a facelift, modernize some of those instruments and add a little bling? If an upgrade is all you are seeking Defender Marine sailboat hardware selection can assist in determining which hardware to upgrade first. The cost and size of your project is simple to determine and make setting your priorities a breeze. And don't worry about the next project in line - Defender Marine makes it easy to dream, decide and do!

What to Remember Along the Way?

Upgrading, organizing and fixing all require a few things from you as the boat owner... time, treasure and a little bit of your sanity. Defender Marine can help you with all three by offering an extensive line up of sailboat hardware, each with choices of strength, weight, size and cost. When dreaming about your next project consider some of these items and what to remember along the way.

• Consider cost, weight and functionality
• Remember the new hardware should be compatible with the current hardware
• Is this really a DIY project or would you save time and rationality by hiring some help
• Is it more time and cost effective to replace an entire system or just rework some parts
• Would a kit provide parts that need to be replaced but hadn't been considered
• What's the next project when this one is complete

Projects vs. Piecemeal

Defender Marine offers many complete project kits in its lineup of sailboat hardware. The advantage of a project kit is that the manufacturers have done all the research. They spent the time and pulled their own hair out to gather exactly what you need to complete your project in a timely manner - and at a competitive price!

Systems and Kits offer less hassle, but you must first determine if you just need one part listed in the sailboat hardware pages or if your boat would benefit most from replacing all the pieces of a particular system. Keep in mind that while you might not need the whole kit, you might also need a piece of that puzzle that you were not aware of - everyone that has taken a system apart on their sailboat has run into a part with broken teeth or a frozen nut that brings the project to a grinding halt until that part can be purchased! Defender Marine's complete sailboat hardware kits and systems circumvent all of that lost time and sanity.

Parts and fittings come in all shapes and sizes. Jump online, pull up our sailboat hardware pages and choose the perfect part for your project. Defender Marine offers a complete range of sailboat hardware in the finishes and sizes needed by the pros and the weekend warriors. Purchase one shackle or six new racing lines, no order is too small. One note of advice - follow that part you need to replace to the next part in that system. Oftentimes normal wear and tear comes in waves and what affects one piece of a system can affect the next part as well. It's always good to have a spare in case you get caught on the water and something breaks. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Innovation is a common word in the marine industry and Defender Marine prides itself on staying ahead of the pack when it comes to the most innovative and modern inventory of sailboat hardware. When it comes to safety, functionality or just beauty, upgrading your beloved sailboat is easy right here at Defender Marine. We can't help when it comes to determining that list of upgrading priorities but when a sailor loves their boat they just know! Remember to consider breaking strength concerns when choosing upgrades because strength and speed go hand-in-hand, but from there the sky is the limit! New sails, lines, stainless, carbon, shiny, clean, self-aware - anything goes!