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Boat Plumbing Supplies

Marine plumbing supplies range from bilge cleaners all the way to new toilets for the head. Boat plumbing fittings and marine plumbing parts are extensive and can support you and your crew with maintenance, repairs, and replacement projects.

Flipping 101

Defender Marine offers a complete lineup of materials to pull off a great facelift on your boat. Fix up the galley or head with shiny new fixtures, sinks, faucets, and heads. Just like those homes on cable tv, taking the time to replace corroded marine fixtures followed up by a full cleaning makes all the difference between an old-looking boat and an old boat that looks new! Other options include adding a water heater and Defender even offers towel holders and similar accessories.

Maintenance made simple

Boats offer a unique challenge to thorough cleaning. Left behind residue can include all kinds of grime like metal corrosion, oils, and even fuel. Specific cleaners for the bilge, head, and tanks (dark water, gray water, and freshwater) take the guesswork out of chemical breakdown so you can just wipe the dirt away!

Repairs are just part of the boating lifestyle!

Defender Marine offers an extensive array of marine plumbing parts, boat water pumps, monitors, strainers, and valves. Research your future project and check that list twice, then get all the plumbing parts you need right online.

Hose ends and fittings
• Fittings including thru hulls, drains, and quick connect fittings
• Hose clamps
• Bilge and tank monitors
• Strainers
• Seacocks and shut off valves
• Pumps and pump parts
• Water tanks, holding tanks

High end marine plumbing upgrades are right within reach

When deciding to make a substantial investment, your boat's plumbing might be the place to start. Marine watermakers and desalinization units are exceptional upgrades especially if you and your crew do a lot of traveling. Other marine plumbing upgrade options include waste treatment and drinking water treatment systems.